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We Held the First Evaluation MeetingWe held the first evaluation meeting of our "Address for Future" Erasmus+ K220 Project in Bursa, Türkiye. 22 SeptemberWe held the first evaluation meeting of our "Address for Future" Erasmus+ K220 Project in Bursa, Türkiye. This project aims to increase the skills of young people, trainers and adults about additive manufacturing technology, seen as one of the technologies of the future and whose area of use is increasing day by day, and to ensure that this quality VET content is accessible to more people with digital tools.
This project with 9 partners is expected to take 30 months. Partners of project are;

Bursa Governorship, takes place as a project partner in order to better understand and analyze country strategies. This organization will provide the project with knowledge in national and international platforms, classification and analysis of this information, and access to a critical network in other countries. In order to provide access to industrial organizations,
Infotron will become a partner in our project, and will support the project in the fiction of how we will manage the dynamics and talent management demands of the industrial organizations, when and on which platform.
3 reputable universities of Europe working in this field are included in the project.
Spain, E.T.S. de Ingenieros Industriales (UPM) - The UPM Research Group on Laser Engineering and Applications (UPM-GRIAL) is an homologated research unit with a wide experience in the participation and conduction of R&D&I Projects.
University of Bologna in Italy and Gazi University in Turkey have consolidated the output of their additive manufacturing projects they have been working on for many years. With the Ektam experience center in Gazi University, which is a Horizon project, ADDress will take lots of learned lessons for AM training know-how. This program offers an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international doctoral training program of excellence in all aspects of advanced manufacturing and advanced materials, with a focus onadditive manufacturing and related technologies.
LOT-CONSULT, who has worked with industrial organizations in Bulgaria and different European countries for more than 30 years on vocational training, will contribute to the project by knowing the dynamics of the industry and being a bridge between SMEs or other size companies. They will transfer all the experience they have gained in digitalizing the trainings and announcing the trainings to the project and will contribute to the production of useful outputs by getting the right results.
Spanish Welding and Joining Technologies Association (CESOL), which is one of the institutions that leads important studies in Europe's additive manufacturing strategies, willalso make valuable contributions to our project. CESOL is an EWF-appointed Authorized Nominated Body for Welding,
Adhesives and Additive Manufacturing in Spain. that is, it will play an important role in the assessment of national needs. This will lead CESOL to actively participate and collaborate in all phases of the project and therefore in all WP activities.
European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) will encourage the recognition and dissemination of the platform in the development of the training curriculum and ensure that it reaches a wide audience. All partners of the project have been involved in European Union projects many times before seen in their organizations' descriptions.